Your Website Needs to Go

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Your website needs to go… everywhere…on the desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. The question is, does it? If your website is a few years old, you should check to see how it looks on your phone and tablet. Consider that in the 4th quarter of 2019, over 52% of websites were viewed on a mobile device1.

Desk with different computing devices

Modern websites need to display well on different devices. The challenge is that our devices come in varying screen sizes. When designing a web page, the desktop monitor offers a large landscape to work with; however, that web page needs to be able to scale all the way down to the smallest smart phone screen.

In the early days of internet accessible mobile phones, web designers had to develop a "mobile only" version of their client’s website. So instead of maintaining just one site, webmasters had to work double duty. I never did this. I knew something better was around the corner, and that something better became Responsive Web Design. In short, there became a way to design a website that responds to different screen sizes. Basically, this means that a responsive website will "morph" its layout to fit the size of the screen. Sounds simple, eh? Believe me, it is far from simple.

Responsive Web Design has raised the challenge threshold for designers. From visual design to content architecture, developing responsive sites pushes the limits on creativity and engineering. Personally, though, I enjoy the challenge!

In 2017, I made Responsive Web Design my standard website design process. If I designed a website for you prior to 2017, I urge you to get in touch so that we can discuss converting your site to a responsive design. This may even be a good opportunity to do some website "housekeeping."